Partner with us during April - Autism Acceptance Month

Are you willing to speak only with your heart?

Raise money and awareness about those with autism who      struggle to communicate via speech.

Generous and caring people in our community are volunteering to give up their speaking voice for 12 hours to bring awareness to the nearly 400 non-speaking youth on the autism spectrum in southwestern Indiana.  

How does it work?

Those who are "Silenced" will collect pledges/donations to try to "buy their voices back".  Once each collects $1000 or more in donations or pledges, he/she can speak again and nominate someone else to be "silenced" for the remaining hours of the campaign.  

If you have VOLUNTEERED - Thank you for your sacrifice!!

If you've been NOMINATED - we are hoping you will accept this important challenge!! 

We will have corporate challenges, neighborhood challenges, and personal fundraising challenges.  

How can I help?

Get nominated, nominate someone, volunteer, or donate to a nominee! 

$5 - buys an app for hand-eye movement coordination 

$15 - buys a text to speech communication app

$50 - buys an hour of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) consultation/training 

$100 - buys a full-day communication training for one family

$150- buys a speech app to support a student's voice

$250 - covers 50% of the price of an iPad 

$500 buys an iPad for a student longing for a voice 

$1000 sends a child to summer camp with 1:1 supports