What is Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is a an advanced form of clinical music therapy that uses research-based techniques to treat the brain using music and rhythm.  NMT uses these techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as speech, physical movement, cognition and other responses of the nervous system.  It is defined by the Center for Biomedical Research in Music as, "the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor function due to neurologic disease of the human nervous system."

Research has shown that rhythm and music affect multiple areas of the human brain simultaneously and on a subconcious level.  Because of this fact, rhythm can be used to help build new neuro-connections in the brain, (called neuropathways) thus improving a client's brain function and allowing them to lead more productive and functional lives. Optimal Rhythms employs proven neurologic music therapy techniques in our various services.

Optimal Rhythms, Inc. is committed to providing best practice approaches to treatment during our programs.  All treatments and strategies are evidence-based and provided by highly trained, licensed, and credentialed staff.  

Neurologic music therapy is an integral part of our autism services.  Our autism education includes training in NMT techniques that support the motor, cognitive, sensory, and emotional functioning of our students.  Visit us and see why so many call us the Best Autism Services in the tri-state. For more information about neurologic music therapy services being offered in the tri-state area, contact http://www.inmusictherapy.com" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Integrative Music Therapy, LLC