Access Academy

Assuming Competence Can Ensure Student Success

The ACCESS Academy's unique neurologic approach addresses the movement issues associated with autism while always assuming competence.

Key Program Elements Include:

  • General Education Curriculum with instruction by a Licensed Teacher
  • Whole Group Instruction with Differentiated Learning
  • Natural Environment Life Skills Training
  • Use of Positive Behavioral Supports
  • Sensory Supports to Improve Body Awareness and Neurologic Connectivity
  • Communication Strategies which Provide Support for Movement Issues that May Be Restricting Verbal Communication and Hiding Intellectual Competence 
  • Highly Trained Program and Therapy Staff
  • High Staff to Student Ratios to Ensure Safety and Access to Communication and Learning Supports

Additional Support Programs Include:

  • Parent Training and Ongoing Support
  • Neurologic Music Therapy (Group and Individual)
  • Vision Supports
  • Yoga/Body Work
  • Field Trips
  • Clubs/ Social Groups
  • Community Service Opportunities

  • So much more!

ACCESS Academy is an alternative educational placement for students in our local public and surrounding school districts or home school environments who are failing to make adequate academic progress in their current placement.  Modeled after a similar school in Phoenix, Arizona, our innovative supports, small class sizes, and 1:1 student to staff ratios make ACCESS Academy a wonderful choice for those looking for an environment that allows students to shine, while accessing higher learning and functional communication.


Tuition is accepted through district funding, private pay, or sponsor scholarships.

For general information, tuition information or to register for the 2019-2020 School Year, 

Contact Casey DePriest, President/CEO or call 812-490-9401